Eye Shadows


Our eye shadows are made with natural minerals and are hand pressed. The colours and glitters used are cosmetic grade and are EU Cosmetic Regulation Compliant. Thay have been tested and approved.

A refillable palette (in your own choice of Charcoal, Gold or Silver sparkle) contains 4 colours which you can choose from our range of golds, browns, greys, blues, greens and purples.

‘Moonkissed Nights’ colour is a very dark, almost black eyeshadow with a hint of silver, which can also be used as eyeliner by applying with a dampened fine brush. (Please scoop out a little of the eyeshadow into a separate pot to do this, as a wet brush will contaminate your palette, introduce microbes and shorten the life of the eyeshadow).

Single palettes for refill are also available and cost £5.50 each.

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